Sophie Raynor

Modular operads and the mathematics of complex networks

I am a mathematician and lecturer at James Cook University, Bebegu Yumba campus, working in the College of Science and Engineering. In 2022, I have also taught in the College of Arts, Society and Education (CASE) at JCU. Before moving to JCU, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT), Macquarie University. My research is in the general area of operad theory, with a focus on modular operads and their foundations. My aim is to develop modular operadic techniques to improve our understanding of complex networks. I also have a lifelong interest in inclusive maths education.

I believe that (pure) mathematics can make a significant contribution in the search for enduring solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. As a working mathematician, it is my responsibility to critically examine my assumptions, practices and institutions, and work to highlight and dismantle barriers to opportunity for participation in mathematical enquiry.



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